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"A look can convince, convert, ignite, freeze, caress, give confidence, touch the heart, soothe, reassure, ignite passion. give love and energy to every stage of our life. It is for these reasons that I have devoted my research around the world to understanding and seeking how to protect and reveal the Light of your gaze.Its study passes through physiology and dermatology, but also through the soul and the spirit.
An integrative approach was therefore essential: combining the best of cosmetics and medicine with the traditional therapies of the Ancients; bringing together biotechnology, ayurveda, phytotherapy, the discoveries of NASA and the secrets of shamans seemed to me to be the most obvious way to shine the gaze of women and men". Beyond an initiation care of the eye, eyelashes and eyebrows, through a thousand practical tips, this book is also a journey on the look, its power of communication and its amorous attraction through the ages.

Alexis de Brosses

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