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Hand Therapy Gloves

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Nourishes and brings extreme comfort; softens and smooths the surface of the skin.
Pamper your hands and give them a "makeover" with these polymer gel gloves impregnated with avocado and jojoba oils, rich in vitamins.


Reusable up to 40 times: the gradual release of moisturizers softens dry hands which regain the beauty of their youth.
Product of advanced technology, the moisturizing glove offers a new concept for dry and dehydrated skin.

The gel contained in the lining of this glove: 

- releases a mixture of moisturizing agents.
- nourishes and brings extreme comfort.
- softens and smoothes the surface of the skin.


Softer skin, visibly smoother skin.


Avocado Oil (Vitamin A & C): Brings softness, shine, vitality and suppleness

Vitamin E : antioxidant

Jojoba oil : Nourishes and fights against skin dryness. Gives a satin effect to the skin.

Olive oil : Fight against skin dryness.

Mineral oil : Protective film.

Canola oil : Nourishing and emollient effects

Ceramides III: Anti aging, restores the lipid barrier.

Grape seed oil: Nourishing and emollient effects


Wash hands thoroughly before use.
For best results, wear the gloves daily for 30 to 45 minutes at a time.
For more intensive treatment, wear gloves overnight.
Gloves can be gently rinsed by hand before allowing them to air dry.

  • Produced in small batches with the best ingredients
  • Exclusive formulations made in France
  • Fully recyclable glass and cardboard

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