Eyebrow Liposourcils Mascara - Talika
Eyebrow Liposourcils Mascara - Talika
Eyebrow Liposourcils Mascara - Talika
Eyebrow Liposourcils Mascara - Talika

Eyebrow Liposourcils Mascara Bundle

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Talika has pioneered eyelash and eyebrow care since 1948 and created Liposourcils Eyebrow Mascara, the 1st eyebrow mascara that combines 3D color and growth in two natural shades. A technological feat resulting from the close collaboration between Talika's eye care experts and the best professional make-up specialists. The formula offers the combined benefits of Mythical Plant Complex for growth, actives that promote pigmentation, thickness and shine, and a bigger eyebrow.

COLOR: Chestnut

Clinically Proven Results

Denser eyebrows: +37,5%, on 30 subjects for 56 days

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Designed in France

Pioneers since 1948

  • Eyebrows are instantly bolder.

  • Eyebrows may appear thicker and fuller.

  • The face may look better framed.

How to use it
We recommend choosing a shade slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow color.
  • Step 1

    Apply every morning on clean eyebrows after removing all traces of cosmetic products.

  • Step 2

    Brush in small strokes, catching the hair well, from the inside of the face outwards.

  • Step 3

    For faster results, also apply Liposourcils Expert in the evening.

Single formula:
  • Liposourcils Mythical Plant Complex - stimulates the lifting of the eyebrows, makes them thicker, more resistant and "fills" the gaps.
  • Amaranth peptides (phenylanaline and histidine) - penetrate the fiber of the eyebrow to make it thicker and shinier.
  • Peptide Expert - improves the quality of the skin at the root of the hair to promote its anchoring and slow down its fall.
  • Argan Oil- nourishes the eyebrows, makes them softer, silkier and strengthens them.
Tested under dermatological control. Proven results: Naturally darker eyebrows +90%, Eyebrow density: +37,5%, Eyebrow thickness: +15% Key ingredients:
  • Castor oil

  • Argan Oil

  • Amaranth Peptides

  • Expert peptides

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