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Pigment Control - Talika
Pigment Control - Talika
Pigment Control - Talika
Pigment Control - Talika
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Pigment Control

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Inspired by work by NASA, Pigment Control is Light Therapy's 1st cosmetic instrument that locally targets pigment spots.


At the forefront of innovation, it stems from the expertise of Talika Research, which has been studying the virtues of wavelengths for nearly 15 years and has been a pioneer in the cosmetic skin care market since 2008.

Patented, compact and easy to use, it combines the emission of the 525 nm wavelength on an action surface adjusted to precisely target dark spots as well as an ionotherapy function to increase the effectiveness of lightening creams.


• Green light (525 nm): targets and regulates the activity of melanocytes. The anarchic synthesis of melanin is controlled, the intensity and the surface of the spots are reduced.


• Ionotherapy: imperceptible ionic micro-current which increases skin permeability to improve penetration and the effectiveness of all anti-stain treatments.

• Micro-vibrations: stimulate cellular exchanges.



• Green light (525 nm): reduces the intensity of dark spots • Ionotherapy: improves the penetration and effectiveness of anti-spot treatments • Micro-vibrations: stimulates cellular exchanges.

Technologies tested under dermatological control.



The ultra-targeted action of Pigment Control quickly takes control of dark spots on the face, hands and cleavage. From 30 days, the pigmentation of spots is reduced by up to 44% *.

Day after day, unsightly shadows disappear and your face lights up!


1 minute morning & evening in cure of 28 days minimum or throughout the year.  

Ergonomic, easy to use, just turn it on then it activates on contact with the skin and turns off automatically after 1 minute. 

Can be used with or without cosmetic anti-stain treatment, boosts their effectiveness. Not recommended for people with contact allergy to metals (nickel).

* Clinical test, 30 subjects, mean value for 10 subjects / 30 (overall mean value: -27%) 1 daily session of 2 min, dermatological scoring

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I strongly recommend because fully satisfied.

I could hardly believe the efficiency of the device. I have large patches of brown spots on my face from pregnancy. I am also followed at the laser center and, before, the brown spots came back (more or less) After a month of use (well one minute on each zone, morning and evening), the spots clear up clearly and sustainably. Same observation by the dermatologist who follows me. So I bought a second to reduce the time I spend on treatment.


I am 40 years old and already have a few brown spots here and there on my face and hands, despite using an SPF 50 total screen in summer and 20 in winter. My skin is sensitive, uneven (some parts of my face are lighter than others). I invested in this product to fix the problem of my brown spots - if it can be fixed. Mitigate it, at least. I use it morning and evening for 15 days. My opinion for the moment: the grip is pleasant, the passage on the face quick and painless, it leaves no redness even on my sensitive skin. It is placed on the face and it turns directly green, the light is on for one minute, then turns off automatically. Fast and convenient, you don't spend your morning or evening treating your skin. You can use it alone or with a cream against dark spots, whichever is right for you. For my part, having reactive skin, I only tolerate rosehip or white lily vegetable oil. I am satisfied because my skin has regained a certain homogeneity, although the spots still need to be treated. I put 4 stars because I do not yet know what it will give in the long term, but honestly, getting rid of brown spots is like whitening your teeth: you can improve things, but only an expensive professional intervention and non-refunded is 100% effective. In the meantime, this product is a great alternative combined with a good stain remover. And we don't forget the total screen if we don't want to have even more brown spots to deal with!

alejandro p.
All ok

Received on time. The description corresponds to the product sent. Whether or not the product meets expectations will be seen in the medium to long term, but in evaluating the shipment and the conditions under which it was received, all is well.


A mi no me hace nada

Good results

Very good! I bought it 1 month ago. Combined with the Patyka vegan stain remover, I have already seen the results of my brown spots on my face. I hope it continues in this direction ...

  • Produced in small batches with the best ingredients
  • Exclusive formulations made in France
  • Fully recyclable glass and cardboard

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