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Free Skin - Talika
Free Skin - Talika
Free Skin - Talika
Free Skin - Talika

Free Skin

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Inspired by NASA's work, Free Skin is a light therapy cosmetic instrument with formidable effectiveness on "problem" skin: acne-prone imperfections, shine and redness do not resist!


At the forefront of innovation, it stems from the expertise of Talika Research, which has been studying the virtues of wavelengths for nearly 15 years and has been a pioneer in the cosmetic skin care market since 2008.


The targeted action of Free Skin makes it possible to cleanse the skin from 7 days.

Blemishes are less visible (satisfaction: 78%) *, the face is less shiny (measured effectiveness: -14%) ** and redness is reduced (measured effectiveness -27%) ***. 

The complexion gains in mattness, clarity and homogeneity. The face is free!

* Use test, 37 subjects,% satisfaction ** Use test, 36 subjects, measurement of the sebum rate *** Use test, 8 subjects, use twice a day for 2 minutes



2 possible uses:

• Local and occasional imperfections: 3 sessions (morning, noon, evening) of 2 minutes per day on the imperfection until its disappearance • Chronic and extensive imperfections: 2 sessions (morning and evening) of 2 minutes per day by sweeping with the device all the zones concerned. 

Ergonomic, easy to use, Free Skin turns off automatically after 1 minute. Can be used with or without cosmetic anti-blemish treatment, boosts their effectiveness.


• Blue light (440 nm): antibacterial, regulates excess sebum. • Red light (630 nm): soothing, reduces redness, promotes skin regeneration. Technologies tested under dermatological control. 1 PATENT

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Very good product I was really satisfied with this purchase. Fast and thoughtful delivery


It is impossible to pass, immediate effect on the ribs, black spots and the complexion, the vision is smooth because the imperfections disappear. I recommend 100%

Sacha D.
Having the skin of nature

Having thick natural skin with many imperfections (blackheads, small red spots, open pores ...) I ordered this device in the hope of having more beautiful skin with a quick and easy to use home treatment. . I am very satisfied with this purchase, for the moment this small device has its promises. After a week of use, but the skin is really less oily (more shine during the day), my pores are small, and tend to disappear, I have less blackheads than before. I highly recommend this device to anyone who wants to improve their eye care routine in order to have visibly cleaner skin.

Little but strong

Practical and efficient without being miraculous :)

I recommend

I have seen improvement on my pimples as well as on my acne scars, pimples appear faster without leaving a trace, nevertheless each skin is different and this product does not do everything (good hydration and nutrition in addition cannot not be what benefits) .Because the product is cheaper on the internet than on sephora.

  • Produced in small batches with the best ingredients
  • Exclusive formulations made in France
  • Fully recyclable glass and cardboard

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