Beauty Tips


Audrey, the beauty youtuber known as ByReo, gives us her five Talika beauty tips. How she applies her care, how often, what are her favorite products, she tells you everything about her routine.

    1. Eyelash care baseI like to use it as a make-up base for my daily makeup. First, thanks to the small tip, I apply the product flush with my eyelashes so that it permeates the ciliary bulb and promotes growth. And afterwards with the brush, I apply it like a mascara to have a nice curve and provide care over the entire length of my eyelashes. My tip: use the Lipocils Expert per period, as a cure of one to three months, then see the evolution of your eyelashes and start a new cure if necessary.
    2. Lash care mascara This is an excellent mascara, I love its bristle brush which is super well made, it gives a nice curl and catches the lashes well so it's ideal for working on the length. And the big plus: having the care integrated into the mascara. It's a mascara I've been using for a long time, and since I tend to have watery eyes and oily skin, I now use the water resistant version. I even wear it during crossfit sessions so I confirm that the Lipocils Mascara Water Resistant does not flow. My tip: When you apply your mascara, apply the brush well to the root of the eyelashes then swirl it while going up to catch and coat the eyelashes well over their entire length. That makes all the difference !
    3. Eyebrow makeupI am very picky about my eyebrow makeup and one of my favorites is the Liposourcils Ink because once again with Talika, the products are designed to provide care with a make-up effect. The advantage of this ink brush is to be very resistant, it tints the skin so it lasts all day. Then, since it's a liquid texture, there isn't the material effect that some pencils can leave, I find the result much more natural. My tip: go gradually, do not completely fill in the eyebrows to keep a natural effect. The ideal for this product is to apply it before your foundation on the skin.
    4. Eyelash care make-up removerAgain, like all Talika products, the Cleansing also takes care of eyelashes. It is very soft and can be used on waterproof makeup. It's a kind of jelly that you can use on a cotton ball or your fingertips and I particularly like the soothing feeling that the blueberry water gives and there is no greasy film. My tip: remove make-up gently with very gentle gestures. First moisten your cotton pad with lukewarm water to prevent it from absorbing all the product, wring your cotton pad, put a good dose of make-up remover on your cotton pad, place it gently on your eye, let it act for a few seconds then gently remove make-up from the area. Delicate gestures avoid traumatizing the eyelashes and eye contour.
    5. Eye contourIt is often said that this is the area that betrays our age, so this area must be taken care of with specific products. I use the Eye Detox which is a super fresh, moisturizing and decongestant gel whose effect on dark circles is quite impressive. It's a treatment that acts on dark circles, puffiness and hydration, it doesn't fluff and that's a big plus for me! As I have very dry eye contour, I use it as a serum and follow it with an eye contour cream. My tip: I use the Time Control + to maximize the potential of Eye Detox active ingredients. Light therapy helps stimulate collagen production and micro-current promotes effective eye contour care. For a fresh, even more decongestant effect, I keep it in the fridge.
You can find all of ByReo's beauty tips at his Youtube channel et his Instagram account.