Beauty Tips



  1. Bio Enzymes Hydrating MaskI love it, it's my favorite mask! Me what I do is that I clean my skin first, I put my tonic lotion and I put the mask fifteen minutes. You don't need to rinse it off, it's like a moisturizing serum. It moisturizes the skin really well, it makes it very soft, I use it twice a week but I could use it every day! The plus: unlike other masks, it does not tear. One of the best Talika products I have tested! My tip: you can collect the remaining product in the sachet and apply it to the neck for even more hydration.
  2. Eye Therapy Patch

    It's a reusable patch with a nice little box to keep them. These patches immediately smooth the eye contour. I don't have any fine lines under my eyes yet but I find it very good for moisturizing and smoothing before applying makeup. I let them sit for a few minutes before applying my concealer. 

    The plus: in the case there is a mirror, practical for applying makeup.

    My tip: You can put them in the fridge for an even more refreshing effect.
  3. Eyelash care make-up remover
  4. This product is perfect for removing makeup, mascara and eyeliner. I really like its non-greasy texture and that it is also effective on waterproof makeup. A real pleasure to remove my make-up with!

    Most : Eyelash care make-up remover does not leave a greasy film on the eye contour or on the eyelashes.

    My tip: you can use the makeup remover on your eyelash extensions without damaging them!
  5. Lipocils Mascara

    Since I got it, it's the only mascara I use when I do my makeup. It does not clump, it lengthens the eyelashes and widens the look.

    The plus: It's not just a simple mascara, it's also a treatment that will make your eyelashes more pigmented

    My tip: For a more intense look, you can apply several coats of mascara!
  6. Bust Phytoserum

    As its name suggests, it is used on the bust and chest for a push up effect. I apply it morning and evening, it's a very hydrating serum. It is recommended to use it for a month as a cure to have good results.

    Plus: I like the texture, it's not greasy at all, it penetrates very quickly and it smells good.

    My tip: it seems that in Asia, women apply the Bust Phytoserum on their buttocks for a plump effect!
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